Increase in number of servers, storage, network devices combined with the ongoing process of managing platform dependencies continue to challenge under- staffed IT organizations. Both the IT and Operations team’s workload increases with the additional requirement of managing and maintaining more infrastructure. Some environments suffer from poor performance and some infrastructure is underutilized. In addition, increase in infrastructure leads to additional costs in terms of management, support contracts, power & cooling, rackspace etc.

There are many buzzwords which describe different cloud models and platforms such as IAAS, SaaS, PaaS but essentially a cloud platform is a set an infrastructure that contains Network, Storage and Compute components hosted within a secure datacentre. It utilises orchestration software to automate the process of provisioning and configuration of servers, storage and network.

Other cloud terms include Private, Public and Hybrid; these can be defined as follows:

Private Cloud – An IT infrastructure (servers, storage and network) which is located within the clients’ own datacentre and may be serviced by self-provisioning software.

Public Cloud – An IT infrastructure (servers, storage and network) which is located within a secure datacentre and utilises self-provisioning software.

Hybrid Cloud – An IT infrastructure (servers, storage, and network) which is housed within the clients’ own datacentre and connected to a public cloud to leverage facilities such as DR.

Ieon can help facilitate your journey to the cloud, this involves transforming your IT infrastructure into a self-service provisioning system within your own premise or hosted by a third-party organistaion. Our service is impartial and vendor agnostic with the cloud expertise in the following areas:

  • Cloud Migration
    • Plan and migrate to Public cloud
    • Plan and build Private cloud
    • Plan and merge creating Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud Capacity Management
    • Cloud Capacity Assessment Document

These offerings can be delivered in isolation or in combination to suit the customer’s needs. Additional information regarding offering deliverables can be found within each offerings service description.