We find that operational frameworks are not static entities, but require active planning so that they can mature, remain effective and relevant.

It is best to take relevant areas of standards and best practices and mould them into being able to deliver a business operation. We consider them as baselines that evolve as the operational requirements become clear.

There are several ways in which we can support your operation:

  • Post Go live support – deploy a team immediately after a project or through the lifetime of a programme in order to ensure your staff will be in a position to run the operation.
  • Managed Service – You can outsource the operation to ieon. This can be done onsite at your offices, or offsite at our offices.
  • Catalyse Maturation of your operation – this can be achieved by deploying our operational team to create processes, organisation, and manage your resource in terms of skills, behaviour and experience.


People – people with the right skills, training and the right service culture

Processes – effective and efficient service management processes

Products – good IT infrastructure in terms of services, technology and tools

Partners – specialist suppliers that deliver elements of the service

Performance – measurement of output and outcome is essential in improving efficiency and effectiveness