Nelson Mandela said “Poverty is a man made problem” Being technologists and scientists working in industry, we believe it is our duty to contribute to the world as individuals and as an organisation. We believe we can do this in the following ways:

  • Finance – fundraising for charity and Non-government organisations. Not only do we contribute ourselves we offer our partners and customers to take part in worthy causes.
  • Technology–As technologists we are capable of creating innovative solutions to difficult problems. So we leverage our technology partners to contribute technology at cost or free of charge for worthy causes. We concentrate on bringing energy to off grid areas, clean water, medical expertise and infrastructure.
  • Volunteering – we fund volunteers to work in projects and relief operations.
  • Education – we believe in investing in the future and bringing education to those that cannot afford it and funding those students that are particularly gifted but unable to afford higher education.
  • Disaster Relief – Natural Disaster, War and Disease are issues that cannot be ignored and result in widespread loss of life and destruction. We work to resolve emergencies and work with specialist organisations to contribute wherever we can.
  • Children – one of the most vulnerable members of society, but also the most criticial. We work closely with orphanages to try help children who have lost their families or have suffered to move towards a path of normality and success.

humanityfirst_logoThe charity of choice we work with is Humanity First. We encourage you to visit their website and work with them or contribute to their causes. They have no paid staff and take out no administrative costs and everything you contribute goes directly to worthy causes.